Sexual Secrets Most Women Never Share With Men! Here is What Every Man Wants to Know

A man can take efforts to find the best way to make a girl reach orgasm and feel satisfied. You can also take efforts to find the hot spots in her body and see her go wild. However there are some sexual secrets most women would never share with men. Come what may, understanding these secrets will be impossible unless you take the effort to read this article…

So, here are the sexual secrets most women never share with men.

Most women consider sex as part of love, and do not expect it all the time. They want to feel appreciated and loved before you indulge in sex with them. If emotionally she is not connected with you, a girl will never end up in your bedroom willingly.

A woman requires fair amount of foreplay to get her charged up. Men simply tend to ignore this fact. There are men who end up having a quickie; however a woman rarely enjoys a quickie. However, she won’t let this secret out for fear of losing her man.

Females are moody creatures and cannot indulge in sex without their mind being fully prepared. The body language of a girl will tell you know if she is truly making love or just acting. Many a times a girl finds it hard to convey to her partner that she is not willing to have sex. In such cases she fakes an orgasm.

Women do fantasize as much as men do. We often see guys sharing their sexual fantasies; however a girl will never do so. Many a times you may not be a part of her sexual fantasy and thus she would never let you know about it.

A woman is bold enough to demand sex; however, she may find it hard to reveal few things. So, be attentive and alert to her needs and desires and share your secrets if you wish to know hers